Replacement Policy

Quality Customers Matter.
But Mismatches Do Happen. 

Our Defective Customer Information Replacement Policy.

At ShredTronics, our primary focus is always on connecting you with customers as quickly as possible so that you can make a sale. We work hard to ensure that this information is accurate and timely. However, despite our best efforts, sometimes we send out information that is inaccurate. We know that we are not perfect. 

If we’ve made a ‘mismatch’ with a customer, we will gladly replace it. That’s why we have a Replacement Policy.

We will gladly replace customers that fall into the following categories: 

  • Inaccurate contact information
  • Customer’s job is not in your service area
  • We have already sent you that customer in the past 90 days.  

** ShredTronics works hard to ensure that the issues listed above are addressed before the customer profile is sent to you. If any of these should become a recurring problem, please provide us with feedback so that we may further address your concern. 

What is not eligible for replacement (for more information see the FAQ below)

  • Customers that have changed their mind about seeking a electronics recycling service
  • Customers that may have already inquired about your services through your own marketing efforts
  • Customers that do not respond to your attempts to connect with them via phone, email or other means
  • Customers that are current or past customers of your company
  • Customers who value price as the most important thing to their project
  • Customers that decide to go with another company/vendor for service
  • Customers that are submitted for replacement after the 6 day window has expired

What We Don’t Screen For:

Our verification process does not screen for things like price, past or current relationships with our partners, whether they have contacted you directly or if they intend to buy from you. This is information that you will collect once you initiate the connection.

Our business model and pricing structure revolves around the agreement that we will send you quality, customer information that meets your specific service area and service type criteria as quickly as possible with the most accurate information we have gathered. In return, you will do everything in your power to convert the opportunity to a new customer. Therefore, it is important to know that as an online marketplace, once we send the customer information to you, we have no control over what happens after that information has been provided and once you pursue the prospective customer.

Timing Matters. You Must Notify Us Within Six Days of the Original Profile Delivery Date: 

Replacement requests must be submitted on a timely basis and exclusively through the partner management system. They must be submitted within six (6) days of the original profile delivery date.

Frequently Asked Questions About Replacement Customer Profiles

I received the same customer inquiry through my own marketing efforts. May I have a replacement profile?

We know that in addition to using ShredTronics, the majority of our partners have other means of promoting their company, such as yellow page directories or advertising. We also know that 20% of people request electronics recycling services from multiple sources. Because we cannot control if a customer has come to you via another channel, it is a matter of policy that we do not issue replacements for duplicate names that come to you from other outside sources. If a customer has reached out to you directly and is now reaching out to us, it is a signal that the customer’s needs have not been met. We encourage you to take the opportunity to reach back out to the customer and find out what it is about your proposal or company that is not meeting the customer’s needs.

I received a profile from a current or past customer. May I have a replacement profile?

Unfortunately we do not know if a ShredTronics customer who is looking for services is a current or past customer of yours. Therefore it is a matter of policy that we do not issue replacements for names that come to us that represent current or past customers. (Although it is probably useful information for you to have learned that your current customer may be shopping around). Retaining current customers is by far more affordable than acquiring a new one. We encourage you to use the opportunity to discuss what needs are not being met for the customer in their current arrangement with you.

A customer you have sent me is only shopping for price. Does this qualify for replacement?

ShredTronics has no control over the pricing structure of our network partners nor do we promote our brand as a ‘price-comparison’ marketplace for electronics recycling services. Our promise to customers is to ‘connect’ them to a local, independent electronics destruction/recycling provider and we do so using the SERVICE AREA and SERVICE TYPE information you have provided. Because we have no control over the nature of a customer’s inquiry once we have connected them to you we do not replace profiles based on the nature of prospect inquiries. Price, like anything else, is negotiable in sales. We encourage you to use the opportunity to find out why price is so important to the customer. This will allow you to tailor a solution to the customer that fits their needs.

I have been calling and emailing the customer since I received the referral. I can’t get a hold of them and they are completely unresponsive. May I get a replacement?

Our business model and pricing structure revolves around the agreement that we will send you quality, customers that meet your specific service area and service type criteria as quickly as possible with the most accurate information we have gathered. Unfortunately, once we send out the customer information to you, we have no control over the customer’s response. That said, we do know that statistically, the faster you respond, the more likely the prospect will do business with you.

A customer has decided to perform the work in-house.

Unfortunately, once we send out the customer information, we have no control over the customers response or final decision to proceed with any partner.

What if customers have logistical needs that I cannot accommodate?

We cannot screen for everything that a customer may need within their electronics recycling service. Our goal is to get you the customer as fresh as possible. We suggest integrating special logistical pricing and questions into your sales process.

What if a customer needs “same day” or “next day” service and I cannot provide it for some reason?

We cannot control the customer’s schedule or your schedule as the service provider. We suggest working with the customer to find a common ground on when the job can be done. Another way to make it work is to upcharge the customer for same day or next day service.

What if I get a customer from ShredTronics outside of my own hours of operation?

Unfortunately we currently do not have the capability to filter on partner business hours. You are able to turn your account on and off through our portal whenever necessary.