Who We Are

ShredTronics is a platform business model. Similar to Uber, Airbnb and parts of Amazon, we create value by generating the means of connections among electronics recycling customers and our electronics recycling partners.

ShredTronics connects electronics recycling customers across North America with electronics recycling providers operating in more than 1,000 local markets.

Technology, big data, and the internet all drive ShredTronics. This allows us to quickly meet customer demands and deliver responsive, exceptional customer service. Our platform consists of a community of electronics recycling customers and a community of electronics recycling partners and drop-off centers. This task would not be possible without state-of-the-art technology. 

ShredTronics provides its partners with electronics recycling customers at greater than 99% accuracy, replaces any defective customer, and is a service provider’s easiest, lowest cost, and fastest way to grow.

ShredTronics . . .

  • is guided by core values and empowered employees.
  • works continuously to improve the value we offer customers and partners year-after-year.
  • believes, with the collaboration of employees, in creating the best place to work for the best people.
  • shares profit with employees and our community – including offering an annual scholarship.

Our History

In 1999, our sister company Shred Nations began using the internet as a tool to enhance business. At this time, the internet was an anomaly. Now it dominates the market for goods and services.

Shred Nations has spent more than twenty years perfecting the way we deliver services to our shredding partners. We help them grow by providing our systems that use algorithms and artificial intelligence.

We are now expanding with into electronics recycling with our new brand ShredTronics! We are continually learning the evolving intricacies of the internet in order to provide the highest quality service to our partners.

Our platform business model is known as “the most powerful business model” and known to be almost impossible to create.

We feel fortunate to have evolved through trial and error and are delighted that we can help so many customers, electronics recycling companies, drop-off centers, and employees prosper.