About Us

Welcome to Shredtronics, where our journey began in 1980 with the opening of our first shredding operation in Denver.

Over the years, we grew into Colorado’s largest shredding facility, offering cutting-edge mobile and plant-based shredding services. Our legacy extends to installing the largest paper shredder in the United States at the time.

Today, Shredtronics stands at the forefront of the electronics recycling industry as the only national, online marketplace that provides instant connections between local electronics recycling partners and verified customers.

Our nationwide network of Electronics Recycling Companies is geared to handle diverse projects, from expansive electronic projects to smaller residential endeavors.

At Shredtronics, we prioritize finding tailored solutions for our customers’ needs. Our comprehensive electronics recycling services include Ship N’ Shred. Shredtronics, Shred Nations, and Record Nations are trademarks of DataGuard USA.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future for electronics recycling.


TRI-R Systems was founded by David Powelson as a limited partnership to engage in recycling of paper, aluminum cans, and metal. At that time one-stop recycling was revolutionary. Scrap metal, waste paper, and containers were all recycled through different entities. Even the word, recycling had not yet been printed in dictionaries and it was not a category in the Yellow Pages.


Document management for confidential records started as a service to help companies comply with privacy requirements.


DataGuard USA was formed when it became clear that shredding was an extension of corporate security and required a higher level of oversight than our existing recycling customers.


The first Shred Nations website is launched to help customers across North America.


Shred Nations is registered as a trade name. Regional and local providers join the Shred Nations network to offer secure national shredding services across North America. Steven Hastert assumes the role of President of the company.


Scanning and Records Storage services offered through our sister site Record Nations.


Shred Nations serves shredding customer 200,000. Opens network of drop off shredding locations to better serve homes with limited volumes to shred.


ShredTronics is officially launched and begins to serve customers seeking secure electronics recycling.