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ShredTronics is the industry’s ONLY marketplace for CONNECTING
electronics recycling and ITAD customers to local providers.

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Achieve the MOST ECONOMICAL NEW CUSTOMER ACQUISITION in the electronics recycling industry. Our FREE training showcases successful partner tactics for closing sales and reducing selling costs. Plus, we outperform traditional advertising, offering a more budget-friendly alternative.

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Successful partners routinely convert referrals to long-lasting customer relationships.

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You decide where you want new business. Typically, best results are achieved in your
neighborhood, along the transportation corridors you use and where you already have
clusters of customers.

High Technology Tools

Our tools assist in optimizing market performance, integrate with most CRM systems,
and provide market history where you can uncover hidden potential business.
We’ll provide help when you are ready.


NO enrollment costs
NO cost for budget tools that limit spending
NO cost to terminate service. ONLY a 3-days-notice is required
NO cost to increase or decrease market area
NO cost to replace a defective referral (some limitations apply)

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